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Part of our mission at AirGuardian is to provide information for everyone, regardless of age! We believe information about air should be easy to understand, so we have help from Bree, an Air Guardian, who helps younger audiences learn about air quality. You might find her on our social media and coloring book!

Bree the Canary

Bree the Canary Bird was born in a small town in the mountains where she lived in a warm and loving home. Bree was fascinated by the world around her, constantly chirping and singing to anyone who could hear. But as she grew older, she started to notice something alarming: the air outside was becoming increasingly polluted. 

Bree’s caretakers were careful to keep her home clean and well-ventilated, but she could see the thick smog that hung over the town, making it difficult for humans and animals alike to breathe. One morning she began to notice that some of the plants around her home were wilting, and that the once-clear streams were murky and full of debris.

Despite her small size, Bree felt a sense of responsibility to do something about the worsening air quality. She started to spend her days singing about the importance of clean air and tweeting about it on social media. All in a day’s work for an Air Guardian!

Bree’s passion for clean air soon caught on, and other animals and humans in the town started to take notice. They began to clean up the litter that had been accumulating around the streets, and to lobby local businesses to reduce their emissions. The town council eventually took action too, installing air filters and reducing traffic in the town center.

Today, Bree is a proud canary, known throughout the town as an environmental hero. She continues to chirp and sing about the importance of clean air, and her songs can often be heard echoing through the town’s streets. Thanks to her efforts, the air in the town is much cleaner, and everyone who lives there can breathe a little easier.

The Good Air Coloring Book!

Learn more about Bree’s work in their coloring book “Good Air, a Friend like No Other!” where she sings about good air and warns her friends about the dangers of bad air!

In English

Download a copy of Good Air, a Friend like No Other!

En Español

Descarga una copia de Buen Aire, ¡un amigo como ningún otro!

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